Hi, I'm Ryan Halvorsen

So. what brings you here? How did you get here? Did you google 'Ryan Halvorsen'? Did you google 'super amazing graphic designer in Chicago'? Do I know you or what? All right, let's get on with it.

I am a graphic designer... it's true

I picked it up at an early age. I have an old faded photograph of me at age 4½: Emil Ruder's 'Typographie' in one hand, a pile of Letraset dry transfer decals laying on the floor about me. Little Ryan; feverishly arranging 10pt Helvetica in a Half Pica Modular Scale on a page from my 'He-Man, Master of the Universe' coloring book. Ok, so maybe I made that up.

No, really

I grew up in the suburbs of Chicago. When I came of age I journeyed off to Iowa State University located in beautiful Ames, Iowa. I studied abroad in Rome, Italy for a semester and saw amazing things there. Upon earning my Graphic Design Degree I came back to the Chicago-land area and began the old job search. I landed an internship at my #1 pick for Chicago design firms: Segura, Inc. That internship turned into full-time employment and soon I was designing comic book covers for DC Comic's The Filth, CROP catalogs for Corbis, ads for Hewitt, billboards for Q101, and logos for various clients. Then work got slow. I was laid off with another designer, and Arlo™ was born.

Arlo™: a graphic design firm in Chicago

I formed Arlo™ with Patrick Filler after we met at and departed from Segura, Inc. in Chicago. Now I'm the sole owner and creative director of Arlo™. We excel in logo design and corporate identity. We've designed logos for Nike, Packaging Design for Effen Vodka, & American Eagle Outfitters We've also designed a truckload of logos. You can view the full Arlo Design Portfolio if you'd like.

I hear you're designing a typeface?

Bingo. I'm working on a new typeface tentatively titled Halvo™. It's a rounded sans serif font with modern proportions suitable for use as body-copy. It will be done soon (right after I teach myself Fontlab), and will be available for purchase from the type foundry TypeTrust.

I was going to call my font 'Halvorsen', because, ya know, my name is Ryan Halvorsen and all. But guess what? Someone already named a font 'Halvorsen', and his name is... Wayne Thompson! Can you believe it? Apparently he got the name from the Halvorsen brand of timber cruiser boats he would often see navigating the bay out front of his Australian childhood home. I didn't even know there was a 'Halvorsen' brand of boats. Now I do.

So, what else?

Summertime in Chicago is making me forget about wintertime in Chicago. I'm working on designing logos, websites, & packaging design, while drumming up new work for Arlo™. All of this while fending off throngs of highly trained telemarketers. Contact me via Arlo's contact page if you need anything graphic design-related or if you would just like to say 'hi'. Don't try to sell me on any business loans, phone service deals, or any other amazing offers.